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"No matter what problem I’m having, EZ Network Systems takes care of it. I love the fact that they are a one-stop-shop for all things technical. Even if they can’t provide the service themselves, they know someone who can." -Ron G. Rishwain, CPA

Co-Location / Data Center Services

1U Rack Space, including up to 1 Plug & 256/kbps internet bandwidth, 1IP Addresses
$99.00/mo $200/setup

Rack Space (21U), including up to 7.5 amps power & .5/mbps bandwidth, 18 IP Addresses
$1062/mo $1,500/setup

Full Space (42 U), including up to 15 amps power (20 amp circuit) & 1/mbps bandwidth, 36 IP Addresses
$1925/mo $2,500/setup

Additional 20 AMP UPS Power
$450/mo $500/setup

All space greater than 1/2 rack includes up to 1 hour per month of remote hands, additional time is billed at EZ Network Systems standard remote support rates, 15 minutes minimum,

More than 1 rack may qualify for additional discounts.

Other power options available on a quote basis

Telecom cross connects available on a quote basis

Space over 1U generally requires a 36 month contract for the quoted rates

Rack Environment is a Telecom Grade raised floor datacenter, with redundant telecom and internet connections, room is environmentally managed, with UPS power, diesel generators and a 2 week fuel supply with hot fill compatibility. All Racks are APC Netshelter 4 post cabinets with standard square mounting holes.



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